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Cajun Meal Box

New Orleans Cooking, Delivered!

New Orleans Meals Delivered
  • Saves Hours in the Kitchen 
  • 20 Servings of New Orleans, gourmet, meals
  • Restaurant Quality - delivered to your door
  • Cooked by a REAL chef! 


Rennee Hamilton, Google
"Excellent authentic Cajun homemade food with every modern day convenience for me and you! Incredible food with little to no prep-time for you and your guests! The owners are amazing folks and will work with you to make sure you have just what you want, as long as it's Cajun-tastic."
Kelley Toney Garwood, Facebook
"The frozen packaged etouffee’ is delicious! Tastes like it came right out of a good Cajun’s kitchen. It needed no 'doctoring'. It wasn’t hot but well seasoned without being salty. My sister has tried her chicken fricassee and she enjoyed it as well."
Debra Thompson, Facebook
"The shrimp creole was awesome. It has the dark roux just like my grandma use to make. Delicious!"
Ron Livaudais
"Food looks awesome and the feedback that I’m getting from others validates that."
Northshores best 2020.jpg
Chef Buddy's Story

What started out as serving meals for friends and family has turned into a full fledged business. It makes me happy to know that my meals are bringing joy to tables all across America. On behalf of my family, and me, we truly look forward to serving you a taste of Cajun Cuisine. 

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